Sunday, 25 September 2011

Cookery/baking books!!

I love cookery/baking books, and have quite a few, but instead of actually using the recipes, I just gaze at the pictures.
So I have decided to set myself a little challenge of working my way in order through my baking books.
Now I was going to bake everyday like in the film Julie and Julia, but I think that if I bake everyday I will have to eat cakes everyday, and as much as I would like to do that I think I will end up the size of a house!! So I decided to bake every other day, starting Monday.
I am going to start with a favourite of mine 'the hummingbird bakery cookbook' 
These are a few of my 'baking' books.

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LissyLou said...

good luck!! i once started this - it didn't work, so i hope you do better than me. I spy the primrose bakery book - i bought that recently from a CS, I LOVE IT. And the hummingbird bakery book is one of my faves, i adore the basic cupcake recipe and the carrot cake. I must make more from that book xx